I Will to You: Leaving a Legacy for Those You Love: Leaving a Legacy to Those You Love

Even when we have nothing else to give, we still have love.

One All Pro Dad we know simply kept notes in the front of his Bible. Jot down key events like births, weddings, and signal achievements, along with a comment or two.

10 Ways to Leave a Legacy

When he passed away, it turned out to be priceless. Be an open book.

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  7. Believe us when we say the kids prefer these even to Harry Potter, and the telling can become a conversation they value well into adulthood. Nothing communicates like authenticity.

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    Share your failings as well as your triumphs. A legacy that speaks of transparency and an open spirit is a legacy that will benefit many generations. We each live a story. The best stories are grounded in principles and purposes that are timeless, and certainly bigger than we are.

    Leaving a Legacy

    Live a story that lasts an eternity. Most children, and grandchildren, remember presence more than they remember presents. Commit enough of yourself that your legacy is the fact that you loved enough to be there. The great legacies of history are all understood in terms of service to humanity.

    Why Leaving a Legacy for the Future is Important

    As Forbes points out, "an inheritance could make the difference between a comfortable retirement and a stretched one for many baby boomers. Leaving any bequest to your loved ones after you are gone is a loving gesture that can make a big impact. However, after you have spent your whole life building up an estate, you want to avoid any mistakes that could jeopardize what you are leaving.

    Examples of some of the biggest errors to avoid include:. When Pablo Picasso died without a Will, People reported that it took six years and 18 lawyers before his son emerged as the overseer of Picasso's estate. While your estate may not be as big as Picasso's, whatever you are leaving behind is still valuable. Don't let any part of your legacy be lost because you haven't planned ahead.

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    The Tribune reports that this was the "largest by far" that the state had ever received. Taxes on your estate may not set any records, but you still don't want your heirs to lose money to the government because you didn't take care of some simple tax planning. You want your estate to be beneficial to your heirs, but sometimes it could hurt them.

    The Times Reporter warns that receiving an inheritance could jeopardize government benefits like Supplemental Security Income benefits.

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    If you are leaving money to someone receiving any type of government benefits which are needs based, the bequest could disqualify them.