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Napoleon was a person who posessed this quality in very large measure. However an important new work of revisionary history by Philip Dwyer received this month illustrates how much of his image was manipulated or manufactured.

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This book has received considerable critical acclaim. Caroline Norton also exercised a powerful fascination over those who knew her. Bright, beautiful, and a wonderful hostess she became the friend of many famous people in the London of her day. However she made a disastrous marriage and her divorce left her destitute and cost her the custody of her young children.

Well done Mrs Norton. After a meteoric rise, a military-political coup in established Napoleon Bonaparte in government, aged just It is meticulously researched and examines the man in power, from his brooding obsessions and capacity for violence, to his ability to inspire others and realise his visionary ideas. Readers will be captivated as the tale unfolds, marveling at the many layers of meaning and historical significance that London journalist Moore has woven together through painstaking archival research.

He illicitly adopted two teenage girls from a British foundling hospital and, set out to create his perfect companion. Out of their love sprang a new and radical international Christian movement — The Salvation Army — which in celebrates its th anniversary. Stretching from her childhood to the present day, from a disastrous early marriage to a later happy one, it covers a multitude of topics, including relationships with family and friends, and charts the hard work and joy of writing, and the unexpected thrill of opening a bookstore.

Hilary Mantel tackles a strongman on her hospital bed while John Burnside gets lost and found in the Arctic. In frequent letters home to her sister, Nina described her trials and triumphs: Dinner table discussions cover the gamut, from the greats of English literature, to swearing in German, to sexually transmitted diseases.

Along the way, the author argues, Carnegie embodied and promoted a revolutionary shift from a Victorian code of stern morality, hard work, and self-denial to a modern ethos that locates success in a pleasing personality. How wrong she was! And two good reads in other parts of the library: A Downstairs View of Twentieth-century Britain is the social history of the last century through the eyes of those who served.

From the butler, the footman, the maid and the cook of to the au pairs, cleaners and childminders who took their place seventy years later, a previously unheard class offers a fresh perspective on a dramatic century. Here, the voices of servants and domestic staff, largely ignored by history, are at last brought to life: Sweeping in its scope, extensively researched and brilliantly observed, Servants is an original and fascinating portrait of twentieth-century Britain; an authoritative history that will change and challenge the way we look at society.

Fighting on the Home Front: When World War I broke out and a generation of men went off to fight, bestselling author Kate Adie shows how women emerged from the shadows of their domestic lives. Now a visible force in public life, they began to take up essential roles—from transport to policing, munitions to sport, entertainment, and even politics. They had finally become citizens, a recognized part of the war machine, acquiring their own rights and often an independent income.

Former BBC Chief News Correspondent Kate Adie charts the seismic move towards equal rights with men that began a century ago and asks what these women achieved for future generations. Co-curator and scholar Paula Nuttall explores the transmission of ideas, techniques, and modes of artistic rendering that first developed in the Burgundian court and became hugely influential in southern Europe—notably painting in Florence, usually considered the artistic epicenter of Renaissance Europe. Nuttall treats thematic groupings of the exhibition, exploring the diptych as an art form, the portrayal of the face of Christ, the development of portraiture, and the virtuosic renderings of materials and textures.

The Life and Work of Joseph Cornell reveals an enormously complicated man whose wholesome vision of America was not merely commercial kitsch, but art that sprung from an emotional life fraught with anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. The book is divided into 22 sections representing the museums and areas of the Vatican. This includes the Pinacoteca painting gallery , with paintings given to or purchased by the popes or removed from altarpieces of papal churches. This book, which has a DVD that includes every work of art, will appeal to readers who are interested in the art of the Vatican.

Welcome to this eclectic mix of new craft books, featuring clever and creative ideas to help you kick off the New Year. Experience the contemporary culture of craft with gorgeous knitting, crochet and quilting projects, passed down through the generations from mothers to daughters and learn new techniques. Step-by-step photo tutorials make top-down techniques easy to understand and sizing and style adjustments a cinch to achieve. Detailed instructions are also included for finishing garments with couture-quality trims and linings, so they look just as elegant on the inside as they do on the outside.

Warm mittens and socks: In Warm Mittens and Socks, needlework queen Eva Trotzig shares her generous collection of tips, wisdom, and, of course, patterns that are perfect for crafting comfy knits for the whole family. Containing a colorful mix of styles, techniques, and projects, this is the perfect guide for hands trained in the basics of knitting and crocheting.

Discover elaborate loops, delightful details, and patterns to make cold-weather clothes playful and fun to knit, crochet, embroider, and wear. Traditional cabled and Celtic patterns, plus rabbits, cats, anchors, hearts, and birds adorn a wide range of garments and accessories from cardigans, sweaters, dresses, and skirts, to blankets, scarves, socks, and gloves. The twenty-five adorable designs in this book are sure to become special keepsake handknits that will be treasured for years to come. You can find a new favourite quilt with fantastic collection of fun and inspiring patterns in a wide array of colours and styles.

Join the authors and make 20 traditional quilt blocks. Projects range from full-size quilts to a pillow, table runner, bag, and zipper pouch. Learn bits of quilting history throughout the book and see design tips on how to take traditional quilt blocks and piecing techniques and give them a modern spin. A beginner-friendly book from French designer and crochet teacher that gives Crochet a chic makeover.

It features 38 quick and easy projects such as oversized scarves, cozy cowls, lacy shawls, decorative embellishments, bags and more. In 25 lessons, it helps beginners to steadily build their repetoire of crochet skills. Each book features a range of patterns to make for the home, to wear or to give, so you will find plenty of projects for a whole range of needs. Revive the groovy patterns and styles of yesterday with this collection of designs for colourful folky pieces that will work as stylish statements in the home and in your wardrobe.

Create a selection of beautiful crochet blankets for an easy way of introducing the vintage look, or reinvent a plain dress or top with a beautiful scalloped collar… or try one of the many more patterns available!

From delicate nuno felt and adaptable open-work fabrics through to more hardwearing felts, sumptuous layers and gorgeous embellished felt designs. Create each type of fabric with suggestions for ongoing uses and easy-to-follow projects. This delightfully photographed craft book takes readers through more than 25 pom-decorated crafts, from cozy home decor projects to fun outfit accessories to festive party supplies and embellishments.

Readers will use yarn, tissue paper, coffee filters, cupcake wrappers, and a host of other unexpected materials to make these insanely cute balls of fluff. With easy-to-follow instructions, tons of gorgeous photos, and a fresh take on a perennial subject, Pom-Poms! Huang, who began felting so he could make toys for his daughter, has a background in animation, which is apparent in the expressive faces of his creations. Photography remains the ideal tool for capturing human emotion, drama and tragedy. Starting with some of the first key figures such as Roger Fenton, who photographed the Crimean War with a bulky large-format camera, it moves on through the decades covering defining events in our history, from the Great Depression to space missions, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the recent war in Iraq.

New York City has experienced extreme flux over the last ten years. A must read if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of contemporary photography. The book is divided into seven sections—Portrait, Landscape, Narrative, Object, Fashion, Document, and City—that explore the diverse subjects, styles, and methods of the leading practitioners.

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Introductions to each section outline the genres and consider why photographers are attracted to certain themes, and how issues like memory, time, objectivity, politics, identity, and the everyday are tied to their approaches. Are you ready to start planning your projects for the New Year? Check out the latest in our crafts collection to find lots of fun ideas, fantastic designs, patterns and information that can boost your enthusiasm and send you on a wonderful journey of crafting! These projects are traditionally constructed as beautiful, discrete building blocks that are sewn together after all are made, which can mean hundreds of seams and twice that many ends to weave in.

Kristin has pioneered a new way of working patterns in one piece eliminating seams and leaving only two ends to weave in! This modular construction allows one piece to flow into the next and the joins are more secure than traditional joining. Each motif is joined to all of the adjacent motifs in the stitch pattern, creating beautiful geometric patterning on the exterior round. This technique basically entails working half a row of motifs at a time, from left to right.

The return row completes the top half of each motif in the row. The end result looks like traditional motifs, but the construction is entirely different. When crocheting a traditional motif, you crochet a chain to elevate the hook to the height of the stitches on that row. No, imagine if you were to work a chain long enough to include the beginning chain of every round before you began your first round. At the end of every round, you would just slip stitch to the appropriate height chain to join and slip stitch up the correct height for the next round of stitches.

This visual encyclopedia features instruction for crochet stitch patterns, from basic stitches to crocheting cables, lace and openwork, textured stitches, mesh and filet crochet, fans and shells, clusters, puffs, bobbles, spike stitches, colorwork, and more, each accompanied by a full-color photograph and a diagram. The craft revolution of the early s gained early visibility with the renewed popularity of knitting, which in turn revived the dying arts of crochet, embroidery, bricolage and macram , seeping from the fringes of the culture into its mainstream.

In , Victoria Woodcock and Ziggy Hanaor edited Making Stuff , one of the first alternative craft books to hit the shelves and draw the spotlight to this burgeoning movement. With State of Craft , Woodcock and Hanaor shake things up once again, offering a fully illustrated how-to guide for making everything from mobiles to lampshades. Clearly explained, step-by-step craft ideas range from homemade underwear to pompom necklaces and angle poise lamps made with jars. Craft has inspired a whole generation of hipsters, and has come a long way in the past ten years.

State of Craft brings it all up to date. There are sections which cover using found objects, glass beads, wiring techniques and many more. It includes photos of beautifully crafted jewellery and a few basic jewellery techniques to use with your own creative imagination. This book shows us how to make 20 gorgeous soft toys using natural and repurposed materials. Syndetics Summary Paper wonderland: Her characters can be brought into 3D life with only an X-acto knife and some glue. Besides people and animals, the collection also includes an adorable house, a sweetly spooky ghost and moustaches that can be assembled and worn.

In with the new year, and in with the new classical music to the library! Or rather, Baboon Macbeth. But if none of that tickles your fancy, then perhaps its time to pick up an instrument for yourself. Learn some Bach on the Electric Bass, or get your piano-playing fingers moving. This guide teaches you pedaling, hand crossovers, virtuoso arpeggios and ornaments, scales, chords, rhythms, and so much more.

This is a collection of the most popular pieces of classical music, as voted for by the Classic FM listeners. For too long opera was relegated to high society and perceived as stuffy and remote. But now that has changed. This month our picks of the new art books include something bold, something new, something stolen, and something blue and green.

Read about European modernism, sitting for a portrait, stealing Rembrandts, some very famous paintings, and more.

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Avant-garde art in everyday life: Witkovsky ; with essays by Jared Ash … [et al. The collection emphasizes the range of their designs e. Girl in a green gown: It intrigues all who see it. Scholars and public alike have puzzled over the meaning of this haunting gem of medieval art, a subtle and beautiful double portrait of a wealthy Bruges merchant and his wife.

Mysterious Wisdom is a biography of the painter Samuel Palmer whose world of slumbering shepherds and tumbling blossoms, of mystical cornfields and bright sickle moons, has enchanted admirers since the nineteenth century. The lynchpin of the first British art movement, Palmer dreamed of creating a new rural ideal. Leading a band of fellow artists — the brotherhood of Ancients — from London to live in the village of Shoreham in Kent, he pursued his vision. Amore and Tom Mashberg. In reality, most of the thieves are not wealthy masterminds seeking to add to their private collection, but penny-ante burglars and robbers whose rap sheets include home invasions, bank robberies or drug dealing.

Inspired by a series of thefts of three Rembrandts and other rare gems in , the authors give the inside scoop on the heists, the investigation, and even Rembrandt himself. Man with a blue scarf: In this book the lens is reversed as the subject looks back at the artist. Gaylord is a writer, art critic and curator who spent over two years sitting for a portrait by Lucian Freud. In his diary of the experience the reader learns about the artist in his own words along with his memories of others artists from Picasso to Francis Bacon to David Hockney.

The creative process is chronicled in minute detail, much more that Freud could explain, it being instinctual to him and interspersed with the commentary are marvelous anecdotes. Time to start counting down to Christmas and holidays! Also time to start thinking about some summer holiday reading. Check out a clip of the book HERE.

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  6. Within its pages you will see displayed of the most memorable, haunting, powerful, important, controversial and visually arresting paintings that have ever been created…. All 2, paintings on display in the permanent collections of the Louvre are presented in full color in this striking … book, which comes with an enclosed, supportive DVD-ROM. These artworks include not only the most talked about pieces but also the quietly influential works, those which may have been overlooked at the time of their making but which went on to change the paradigm of their era.

    After having a great crafting weekend last week, I thought everyone would appreciate some more great ideas for Christmas and more last minute gift ideas! Well, as last minute as crafters get, at least! Have a look at these great new books:. Includes 30 knitted, crocheted, sewn and felted projects, varying in complexity. This title covers such projects as cozies for ipods, laptops, computer screens and more. It is suitable for teenagers, busy mums and high-flying executives. Syndetics summary Knitted dinosaurs: If not, then this fun and fact-filled book of prehistoric projects is a must-have.

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    All dino-obsessed children and grown-ups alike will love these quirky knitted toys and with 15 different patterns to choose from there is no excuse not to get knitting. Upcycling fashions disposable odds and ends into a new life of high-style repurpose. This month our picks of the new design books range from iconic figures and influences in design, to a focus on light and pattern. Known primarily as an abstract painter and colorist, Delaunay applied her talents and theories to all areas of visual expression, including graphics, interiors, theater and film, fashion and textiles.

    The book features essays by Delaunay experts Matteo de Leeuw-de Monti, Matilda McQuaid and Petra Timmer, accompanied by more than paintings, drawings, designs, textiles, garments and photographs. Enjoy finding something new and exciting! The glory tree [sound recording]: Three hours of some of his best classical guitar music at a great price! Blessed with perfect pitch, his long and eventful career began at the age of eight, when he became the first Jew to join the Vienna Boys Choir.

    In this most musical of cities, Tintner rubbed shoulders with the likes of Alban Berg, Schoenberg and Webern, and spent many an hour observing the great conductors of the age… Out of Time is a vivid account of the life and times of this uncompromising talent, and a must-read for everyone who believes in the discipline that excellence in the arts demands — and the pure joy it can bring.

    This book, following in the tradition of its predecessor, showcases the current practice of 21 NZ contemporary artists working in the fields of sculpture, painting and photography. From Russia to Poland and Romania, and from the Czech Republic to Yugoslavia and East Germany, Contemporary Art in Eastern Europe is an ambitious attempt to chart the changing realities of the eastern half of the continent, as seen through the eyes of artists, critics, photographers and curators.

    Covering the work of a diverse and interesting range of artists, musicians, photographers and crafters, they look at both popular culture and more high-brow artistic endeavours. Current perspectives in Japanese Illustration and profiles on new artists at the cutting edge, take a look! It was not only her profession but her life, it was an extension of herself, every photo has a part of her in it.

    Honest, passionate and deeply human, she was a talented and multifaceted artist. This is a sumptuous publication, not to be missed. Buy a 35mm camera at the beginning of and spend the next 10 years walking around London taking half a roll of black and white a day and photograph whatever happens in front of you. From the time of his first commissions for Life, Queen and Vogue magazines in the mids, he was chiefly identified as a documenter of this lustrous milieu.

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    • Throughout his career he photographed personalities from all walks of life: He was an acute observer of the world around him and of the period in which he lived and worked. Curated by Martin Harrison and divided into sections on Memory, Land, Empires, Cultures and Styles, Perceptions is filled with photographs from Lichfield s entire archive, from the s to , over half of which have never been seen before.

      This superbly produced retrospective, the first representing his complete career, establishes Patrick Lichfield as one of the great British photographers of the late 20th Century. The stitching is going well! So far there have been no little mishaps which is great. My main problem is choosing between my cross-stitch, my ribbon work or my blackwork!

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      If you are short of choices check out some of our new books:. Furoshiki is an eco-friendly alternative to consumable wraps such as plastic bags or paper gift wrap,…interest. This book pays tribute to all those Grannies with all those needles from a range of great knitwear designers including Ysolda Teague and Anne Hanson. Best of all, each project is graded according to difficulty easy, moderate and slightly tricky so both experienced and beginner sewers can share in the fun.

      Products he designed in the s are still being produced and sold today — just one demonstration of the strength of his work. The book draws the patterns from the worlds of textiles, paintings, manuscripts and architecture. The book is divided into chapters each covering separate centuries.

      The result is not only a visual delight but an excellent sourcebook that will be useful for all artists who use patterns in their work. This book should be a must on the reference shelves of all those working in the visual arts. This month brings diversity. Bach, Mozart, Strauss and Chopin to satisfy the desire to hear the Masters.