Master Cleanse: The Ultimate Guide for the Detox Diet

Followers subsist on a liquid diet of hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days.

But is it the best way to lose? The 2-day diet involves drinking Kirsch's specialized LemonAid four times a day and allegedly boosts metabolism and energy to jumpstart weight loss. David Kirsch told us his top tips for getting celebs and you in top shape. Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr reportedly uses the three-day Blueprint Cleanse to feel renewed and refreshed. The juice-based program consists of six fruit and vegetable drinks that total about 1, calories per day.

Alicia Silverstone's vegan detox diet plan, The Kind Diet , claims to help you lose weight, improve your skin, and reduce your impact on the planet. Thinking about going vegan? Check out these tips to make it easy. Frankel stresses that the Skinnygirl cleanse is supposed to be used in conjunction with healthy meals, not as a meal replacement. The Real Housewives star stirs hers into an 8oz.

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You can also mix it into foods like oatmeal. Find ways to sneak in more fiber here.

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This day plan allows you to drink multiple cups of tea per day without sugar or milk , while you follow a specific eating plan that includes eating three light meals. If you're looking to lose weight, or if you just liking drinking tea, this might be the detox diet for you! It's bound to cause short-term weight loss, but is high in sugar and lacks food and important nutrients. It's not a good long-term solution for weight loss or health. The Master Cleanse diet is relatively simple to follow, but can be quite an adjustment from regular dieting since no solid food is allowed.

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  • Since consuming a liquid-only diet is a radical change for most people, it is recommended to ease into it gradually over a few days:. Once you have officially started the Master Cleanse, all of your calories will come from a homemade lemon-maple-cayenne beverage. Simply mix together the above ingredients and drink it whenever you are hungry. At least six servings are recommended per day. In addition to the lemonade drink, consume one quart of warm salt water each morning to stimulate bowel movements. Herbal laxative teas are also permitted, as desired.

    The Promise

    The creators of the Master Cleanse recommend staying on the diet for at least 10 and up to 40 days, but there is no research to support these recommendations. The Master Cleanse diet is a modified type of fasting , and typically leads to weight loss. Each serving of the Master Cleanse beverage contains about calories, and at least six servings are recommended per day. Most people will consume fewer calories than their bodies burn, leading to short-term weight loss. One study found that adults who drank lemon water with honey during four days of fasting lost an average of 4.

    A second study found that women who drank a sweetened lemon beverage while fasting for seven days lost an average of 5.

    Master Cleanse (Lemonade) Diet: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

    While the Master Cleanse diet does lead to short-term weight loss, no studies have examined whether the weight loss is maintained long-term. Making smaller, sustainable diet and lifestyle changes may be a better strategy for weight loss 3. Beyond making the Master Cleanse lemonade and drinking it when you are hungry, no cooking or calorie counting is required. This can be very appealing for people with busy schedules or those who do not enjoy food preparation. Since the only items allowed on the Master Cleanse are lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, salt, water and tea, grocery bills are relatively low while on the cleanse.

    However, the Master Cleanse is only a short-term diet, so this benefit only lasts as long as you remain on the cleanse. Just one serving of the Master Cleanse lemonade contains over 23 grams of sugar, and maple syrup is the main source of calories during the cleanse 7 , 8. Therefore, the recommended serving of six lemonades per day includes over grams of added sugar. Interestingly, even though Master Cleanse lemonade is very high in sugar, it does not appear to negatively affect blood sugar levels when consumed in small quantities during a week-long fast 2.

    Detox and Cleanse Diets: Should You Try These Popular Celeb Diets? | Shape Magazine

    Some people may find it difficult to attend social events or outings with friends, since they cannot partake in group meals. Additionally, restricting your calorie intake can be taxing on the body and temporarily increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to weight gain over time 9 , 10 , Jan 16, Deborah L Gardner rated it it was amazing. A lot of work involved The master cleanse is very intensive and if you are going to do the cleanse you will need to take time off of work.

    I imagine it works wonders although I can't imagine taking 10 days off of work to do the master cleanse. However, if you have the time and ability to do this I honestly believe you can lose the weight and jump start your metabolism. Samantha Ende rated it did not like it Nov 17, I-Pei Lin rated it did not like it Aug 18, Janice Glover rated it it was ok May 09, Tiffany White rated it really liked it May 13, Ryan Beard rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Duncan Pham rated it liked it Mar 10, Karim Rafaat rated it did not like it Aug 23, Karina Ivette rated it it was amazing Oct 14, Jane L rated it liked it Jul 18, Alinda Quinn rated it liked it Jul 24, Donna M Robert rated it liked it Sep 10, Brandy rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Csoki rated it liked it May 09, Kuske rated it really liked it Jun 29, Geoff Little rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Cassandra Godfrey rated it liked it Apr 26, Ashley Gordon rated it really liked it Oct 24, Linden Priest marked it as to-read Feb 13,

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