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Power metal , speed metal.

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  • Sam Totman and ZP Theart. This is not considered "cheating" but more of a cheap trick used to progress more easily. In addition to a rubber band, they could also have another individual hold down the green button. Technically, the intro is actually full of pull-offs, since in the game and real electric guitar, the ability to pull off makes the green note automatically play and is what propels players through this intro. Had the first note been green, and then the second red, rather than the reverse, then the whole intro could be termed hammer-ons due to the notes approaching from left to right.

    This would also make the intro very slightly easier due to the ability to hammer on the first note then pull off to green. Piano style players could try holding green with their pinky and their pointer finger above red. Their other hand could go above Yellow, Blue and Orange.

    They could then strum the first note with their foot. This would be entirely counterproductive as if they miss a single note then they need to strum with their foot again to restart the streak. The song involves intensive strumming and fret work and contains the "Red Snake" within the section of the song entitled So Far Away 3 in Practice Mode on GH3 which has been calculated at about In Smash Hits the keyboard parts have been converted into tap notes which helps identify them.

    Dragonforce's Herman Li on the power metal videogame-slaying classic

    It was the first recorded FC of the song. On October 1st, Baseballkid7 scored the third FC, which also was the last song he had to FC. JPrez44 has also managed to FC it, along with ggamerman. On July 15, , Guitarherodude also got an FC on this song. Danny made the Guinness record on February 26th, , breaking Iamchris4life's 8-month streak of holding the title. Smash Hits version of this song.

    Through the Fire and Flames | Know Your Meme

    The difficulty of the song is still incredibly high on GHL, even with it being the shortened 5-minute version. GuitarHeroPhenom, megapengproductions and randyladyman are the only people to have Full Comboed the song with only one hand without two-hand tapping.

    Scott & Brendo

    As of 21st January , randyladyman is the only person to have ever Full Comboed the song while blindfolded. Ever since the introduction of custom songs in Guitar Hero III and Clone Hero, many of the higher skilled players prefer to play the song at a faster speed than the original song to see how well they do.