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It uses its dance to focus its mind and increase its psychic power. The dance is also said to be an offering of thanks to its guardian deity.

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  • The tips of its wings broaden into a fan shape, and it has a fan-shaped crest on top of its head. At the base of its crest are four feathers with light blue tips. There are two of these feathers on each side, resembling ornamental hairsticks. On the side of each eye are small, light blue markings that resemble eyelashes. The edges of its wings, fans, head crest, and long tail all have a double border of pale purple with a light blue on the outer edge.

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    Through its dance, it draws in nearby spirits and borrows their power to fight. Its dance reminds people who migrated from Kanto of their homeland. Hobbes used his Oricorio in a battle against Ash and Rowlet , where it was able to defeat Rowlet owing to Rowlet's lack of battle experience. Dori-chan reappeared in SM , where it joined the rest of Alola in showering Necrozma with light so it could return to its true form.

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    • One was seen under the ownership of Kahili. Oricorio may be inspired by Hawaiian honeycreepers , small passerine birds native to Hawaii.

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      Hawaiian honeycreepers feed on nectar of various plants, but each species favors a specific flower that its beak is adapted to. Oricorio's dancing may also derive from the mating dances of some birds. Its dancing styles are inspired by different forms of dance. Oricorio may be a combination of oriole and choreography. It may also incorporate oratorio. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. For other sprites and images, please see Oricorio images on the Bulbagarden Archives.

      Retrieved from " https: Personal tools Create account Log in. Images on the Bulbagarden Archives. Catch rate 45 5. Breeding Egg Group Flying. Base experience yield Unknown Gen. Leveling rate Medium Fast. An Electric and Flying type. It creates electricity by rubbing its pom-poms together. Then it dances as it approaches its opponent before attacking. Pom has little regards towards others. Especially in the finale where she's willing to kill Dog God backwards and Shibe.

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      She can listen to the latter in the final battle. How Do I Shot Web? If you're on the path to the good ending, Pom will agree to fix doggy heaven Luckily, threats of urination prove effective. I Shall Taunt You: This is how Pom attacks her enemies. Pom is offered the chance to change her ways after she becomes Dog, and Shibe shows up to try and convince her to not destroy doggy heaven, and that she now has the chance to put right all of the flaws the previous Dog had ignored.

      If you kill Shibe, Pom will continue to let doggy heaven crash into Earth. If you do nothing in the battle, he will talk her into saving it. Shibe is the only one stopping Pom from making things worse for everyone. Pom can pull this on Shibe during the final battle. Shibe seems to fill this role. Pom and Malty, for anime and japanese games. Shibe with Pom after she achieves Godhood.

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      • The Power of Friendship: The happy ending where Pom listens to Shibe rather than attacking him. All the dogs that she and Shibe helped end up being okay with her being Dog. They all say that it's because she actually did something in contrast to the other Dog who did nothing and thought he was better than the others. In the bad ending, Pom will let doggy heaven fall - resulting in her getting WiFi again. This comes at the cost of Shibe - Pom's only ally. She says she's happy despite this, but her suddenness in declaring "happy end" would imply she's not entirely sure herself.

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        Rage Against the Heavens: Pom is extremely annoyed that she can't have internet in doggy heaven. She is so annoyed that she shows zero hesitation in attacking Dog once she's exhausted all other options. Red Sky, Take Warning: The sky of doggy heaven becomes red when Pom becomes the new Dog and intends to let doggy heaven collide with Earth. It turns back to its serene blue when she reverses her decision in the good ending. During the final fight, the only way to spare Shibe is to not do anything.

        Pom ships Shibe and Hus. Die for Our Ship: If you don't stalk Crest for him Bernard will insinuate that Shibe has a thing for Crest. Lampshaded by the author, who claims that the game contains " references to obscure video games that only I will understand". After Pom defeats Shibe the first time, she renames him Sebastian. If having a hyperactive talking pomeranian as a player character wasn't enough of a reference , this little convo happens to solidify it: Francis fathers wear a brown biretta with a black pom. Other orders may wear a black biretta with a white, green, or blue pom, or the black biretta of the secular priesthood.

        In reference to Scottish Highland dress and Scottish military uniforms, the small pom-pom on the crown of such hats as the Balmoral , the Glengarry , and the Tam o' Shanter is called a "toorie. The toorie is generally made of yarn and is traditionally red on both Balmorals and Glengarries although specific units have used other colours.

        It has evolved into the smaller pom-pom found on older-style golf caps and the button atop baseball caps. In Australia , the term "flogger" is sometimes used rather than "pom-pom". Floggers are very large, heavy pom-poms in the team's colours. They sometimes require more than one person to lift them, and they are waved about when a goal is scored.

        Floggers are an important part of Australian rules football culture and cheer-squads.

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        Pom-poms are sometimes used as children's toys. They are a common feature at the ends of the handlebars of children's tricycles and bicycles. They are also used in children's artistic crafts to add texture and color. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Pom-pom disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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