The Devil Unleashed (Cain Casey Series Book 2)

But can she trust Emma not to run as she did once before when faced with the dark parts of the Casey family leader? Paperback , pages. Cain Casey , Emma Verde. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Devil Unleashed , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Dec 27, Netty rated it it was amazing Shelves: Book two in this series follows directly upon the close of book 1. And book 2 started. There are several relationships that fluctuate in this series.

Mostly involving Casey Clan members. Another involves cousin Muriel Casey and some tentative inching between her and Shelby Daniels that began in book one — very tentative, and then imploded. Though the possibility of a relationship is not dead yet. For the most part, I do not have any inherent desire to have the amount of knowledge I now have about Katlin Patrick and Merrick; nor to read more about them. But they continue circling in this book. Well, not continue, start. Wow this little bunch of words of mine came out really roughly. Odd considering how I thought I was going to enter by noting that I rather like these books by Vali, and have, to a certain extent, finally found why the author is liked by so many.

Instead I awkward stumble along. Plot wise the book involves a gang war between the Casey gang and the Bracato gang. Second took me a while to get anything down. And painfully at that. This is what the series deserves, the coherent part, since it is rather well written. Jan 17, Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a second book in the series. What is it about "bad girls" that is so appealing? Cheer for the good guys. Who are the good guys? Jeer at the bad guys. Who are the bad guys? This series really makes you think about crime families, crime families run by women, revenge, murder, money, sexy intense love making, and family.

I am hooked and pulled deeply into the crime family web. What to say about the Cain Casey series? I am enjoying it. It is fun to cheer for the "bad girl" and her family. Cain What a second book in the series.

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Cain and Emma are a great couple and I look forward to seeing what they are up to in the next book in the series. It does, it gets better with every word written and every page turned. It is well written and the storyline is awesome. I seriously can't put it down. The characters are very realistic and she allows you to connect with everyone. It's a great series so I'm off to read number three.

Enjoy, you won't regret it.

And yes ten stars would be my rating if I could. Mar 24, Heidi rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The story continues with Cain and Emma.

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They are reestablishing their relationship as Cain recovers from an injury. The FBI and another crime family are in constant pursuit and trying to get to Cain and her family. Love wins out and the adventures continue. On to book 3! Sep 02, Serenity Snow rated it really liked it. And I liked the cocky Cain Casey and Merrick. Merrick is Cain's bodyguard. The story moved along at a nice pace as well. So I think I'll check out book three soon.

Oct 27, Renee M. DeNigris rated it it was ok. I can't get into it. May 11, Miriam Cortez rated it it was amazing. Finish reading this one at work today man an amazing book.

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I hate that i don't have the other three to keep on reading but still i cant wait to read them. This one was amazing in many ways. The way both Emma and Cain left there past behind and moved on and now are planing in expanding there family. The way you don't only read what happens between Emma and Cain but also, Merrick and Katlins blooming romance and Muriel and Shelby's common attraction. And there is also many death in this one, also Finish reading this one at work today man an amazing book.

And there is also many death in this one, also we find out how Cains sister Marie is killed and why though we also find out who dose hurt her in the end of the first one. And he got what he deserved in my opinion.!! I really couldn't put this book down man amazing. Ali Vali always has a way of keeping me in a book long after am done with it and this ones no different.

Cain Casey Series

Its just amazing how by reading this i go into a world that i only can see while i read this book. I cant wait to buy the rest and finish reading this serious. I want to find out if both Cain and Emma are left alone to finally be happy with each other and there kids.! Sep 04, Simone rated it really liked it Shelves: Little do they know an old enemy is about to surface bent on revenge on Cain, and what better way than to take what Cain values above all else—her wife.

Cain Casey is close to getting everything she wants. Her partner Emma is pregnant with their third child, her children are safe and happy, and her business is still thriving despite the FBI's vendetta. Life is perfect on the surface, but it's the underbelly that worries her.

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  • Her long-time enemy Juan Luis and his new partner, rogue agent Anthony Curtis have disappeared; her cousin Muriel has gotten serious about Shelby Philips, the FBI agent in charge of the Casey surveillance team; and her business partner, Remi Jatibon, is facing trouble from her new love Dallas's secret past.

    While Cain struggles to defeat a new enemya woman who just may be her equal when it comes to destroying those who stand against her familyan unimaginable betrayal may bring Cain's charmed life to an end. The fourth book in the Casey Family Saga series. In book five of the Casey Family series, Cain and Emma are planning a wedding before the birth of their third child. Cain has done everything possible to protect her family and get their lives back to normal. Cain is strengthening her partnership with the Jatibons and Carlotti families, as well as trying to help her cousin Muriel heal from FBI agent Shelby Phillips's betrayal.

    But nothing can distract her from hunting Juan Luis down to make him pay for trying to take Emma from her. That is the most pressing problem to be dealt with before she can truly enjoy the life and family she and Emma have together. Those plans are derailed with the arrival of someone who not only challenges her place as her father, Dalton's heir, but also her belief and loyalty to the man who raised her. In the sixth book of the Devil Series, Cain and Emma are now married and have returned to a Katrina-ravaged New Orleans to await the birth of their third child.

    The Casey alliance with the Jatibon and Carlotti families is strong, but there are new and old enemies, as well as the ever-present FBI that are working to bring Cain down. There was a time when Dalton Casey ran the Casey family while grooming the next generation, but Cain Casey inherits the reins too early when Dalton is gunned down. His loss leaves Cain devastated, and she does her best to keep the business together, but his loss has left her adrift and hungry for revenge. That ends the night a new employee douses her in beer. She sees an opportunity to make enough money for the coming semester when she lands a job at an Irish pub in the French Quarter.

    That job soon spirals into something else. Sort by Collection Order Latest. Cain Casey Series Book 1.