Cosmic Pathway - A Poets Journey

As with inhaling a deep breath or placing bare soles upon the earth—both of which help us descend from our heads to anchor us in the present moment—asking this one question can be the Pole Star that offers direction and guidance: Again and again I say and write it.

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Unfasten those weathered shutters. What the mystics, lovers and poets have always known, science is beginning to discover: It feels the world, and it is in this way—feeling—that Nature embodied as plants, trees, rocks, rivers, even microbes communicates with us. Another room in the garden … surely that is where we wish to be on this short, sensual journey of life?

When she paused for a moment, reflecting inwardly, as the facilitator I enquired simply:. A few days prior, it was the same query I asked of my partner as he wrestled with whether to accept the new job in Bend when it was offered to him.


Strange, perhaps, that a healer who has dedicated the past decade of his life to all matters of the soul would end up spending a year in a nearly soulless environment beyond the walls of his sanctuary home. Yet my daily rituals have carried me through, practicing the very things I write about and teach: And there is mysterious grace that alights in the most unexpected moments. Yes, always grace, I say. For a wild, awake soul, connecting consciously with earth is always a path with heart, and when a place resonates deeply in our bones—a soulscape —so much the better. Already I can smell the familiar fragrance of sagebrush and resinous evergreens, chamisa and dusty earth; I can feel the soft expansion of breath in my belly, a slight tingling in my feet and legs from bare soles on the dry, red soil as I wander beneath the dome of turquoise sky.

Ghost Ranch is a land for visions and dreams, of connecting deeply to soul and purpose, where all the clutter and clatter of the modern world falls away, inviting us into the ordinary sacred in every moment… along with an opportunity to peer fearlessly into the wild heart. Soon, very soon, we will be rolling northward, leaving this parched land of bright sun, turquoise swimming pools, lurid green golf courses, expensive cars, and endless mechanical hum of air conditioners. Returning from my most recent scouting trip, feeling slightly dejected that our new abode has not manifested or opened its door to us, as I pulled into the driveway of the darkened house and stepped from the car, I heard coyotes laughing in the dry arroyo down at the end of the street.

My heart smiled, mirroring the grin on my face, for I do love these feral, shaggy outlaws. They left scat on the doorstep for me to find next morning. It was the perfect welcome, really.

Spiritual Ascension, a Faithist Path

Bless their furry paws. The first was in the tall oleander hedge, with a hatchling I rescued when the nest came apart in high winds and rain see my Instagram posts tendingsacred ; this one was right outside our kitchen window, above the patio table. I watched green-feathered mama build the nest—constructed mostly from spiderwebs and softest plant materials—carefully affixing it to the light fixture, over a period of five days. Then she laid two tiny, alabaster eggs inside and sat on them for a fortnight until they hatched. Truly, the treat of so closely observing hatchlings in the nest, with mama zooming to and fro to feed and tend them, was a present beyond compare.

Deep gratitude to you little ones, now flown but still visiting the red glass feeder… thank you for daily doses of delight and sweet medicine. What a remarkable bit of work, this delicate thing, with two little feathers still embedded. Surely this is natural elegance as befits a baby hummingbird two, as it were! Holding it cupped in my palm, it offers me a daily reflection of the miracle of life, along with the staggering intelligence and creativity of the cosmos embodied… what we call Nature.

Moreover, this little, intricately woven gift somehow comforts and reassures me that we will once again find a sweet little place to land we always do in yet another cycle of our ongoing adventure. A lovely nest, a fresh chapter. Something new has incubated, hatched, and fledged in our life… not just baby birds. My partner and I both fully grasp that no place is perfect; we have traveled round the globe and lived in all sorts of far flung locales, learning that every place holds its grace and challenges.

I trust the coyotes will find me wherever I am albeit in England and Spain, those clever and magical foxes stood in for their noisy American cousins. We ARE are nature, and never disconnected from it; yet in our modern, glaringly lit gridworks of paved roads and uniformly geometric buildings, far removed from food supplies, water sources, wild creatures, and undomesticated land, we easily lose track and forget of who we really are.

How deeply I resonate with his famous, much abbreviated comment, sensing the same sort of compelling urgency in my own tissues and heartbeat as he must have felt with his unbridled love for the wilderness especially for what is now Yosemite National Park, thanks in no small part to his efforts. The jagged peaks of the Cascades, the icy cold Deschutes River, and the vast high desert plateau carpeted in fragrant juniper trees and sagebrush, are all calling my soul… and I must answer. Inhale a deep breath, letting it find its way into your belly.

Shed those shoes and wriggle your bare toes on the earth.

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  • This Cosmic Journey is sometimes known as the Path of the Lotus, because it is referred to be where the place where all the Logoic Lotus of the Solar Logos are constructed. The student here performs this role as vehicle in the plane of Atman, to Mayavirupa plane of Mind.

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    The collection of attributes that will incline the graduates of Earth to enroll and self-train on this cosmic path are three in number:. The qualities and proficiency acquired on this path is the etheric cosmic vision; which is the extension of a developed vision pertinent of the seven energetic systems that form, along with our own solar system, the seven centers of cosmic life, and which is sometimes called Cosmic Septanary Clairvoyance.

    Neil Degrasse Tyson The Elements: Forged in Stars

    The student of this self-training place tends to preserve his sensorial perceptions of the universe, but in a more focused way and with emphasis on the deepest transcendent spiritual aspect of it. All his senses are related and directed towards certain centers that synthesize different prismatic layers of consciousness transmitted by different solar logos that together vitalize and support our own Solar Logos. This entire concept may seem a little hard to grasp at first, because we are dealing with Spirit and two other types of cosmic energies - Rays.

    The student who is journeying through the third path develops a specific relationship with the energies that emanate from the various cosmic centers that are related to spiritual vision and spiritual hearing. The sense of tactile feeling is related in essence objectively to the dense forms of physical manifestation, therefore this is not a developmental sense related to the Logos path.

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    This is that path for those that have chosen to take upon the work as one of Planetary Logos for the next solar systems or one of the forty nine sub-planetary, to be their associates in those roles or to support others inside of the same office with different attribution of responsibilities. Inside of this path, the work of the student revolves around the possibility of the Manifestation of the Monad of the Solar Logos through the body of consciousness to form this solar SOUL.

    A similar work is performed by the Solar Angels of humanity of the building of the physical and meta-physical characteristics that will support the incarnation of the souls as their vehicle of expression.

    Only their work will be perform in higher planes of existence. It is extremely difficult to express into words what are the methods applied by the Student of Wisdom on this Cosmic Path. This is a known path to be one of prismatic identification and it refers primarily to the colors and rays of the veils that cover the spiritual energies. To understand this is necessarily also to understand the symphony of life, because the stars sing melodies with and to each other, and then the canticle of God resonates before the heavenly choirs and produces a harmonic symphony of colors, sounds and frequencies.