Ein fabelhafter Lügner: Roman (German Edition)

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Wer nichts ent- deckt, ist blind und bleibt blind. Rolf Kosiek dem Hier gibt es schon eine 5. Anbei uebersende ich Ihnen das am Auch in den Vereinigten Statten von Amerika, Australien, und Neu Seeland ist dieser Wahnsinn mit seinen volkszerstoererischen Ausbreitungen zu verfolgen. Die Spannungen in diesen Laendern nehmen jeden Tag immer mehr zu. Asien fuer die Asiaten. Indien fuer die Inder. Afrika fuer die Schwarzen. Der Mittlere Osten fuer die Araber, etc.

Weder Japan, China, noch Indien erlauben diesen Wahnsinn. Es ist kein Geheimnis mehr wer die treibenden Kaefte die dahinter stecken sind. An ihren Fruechten haben wir sie schon lange erkannt. Die haben aber die Rechnung ohne den Wirt gemacht. Die NPD hat eine interessante Vergangenheit. Wie stehen Sie, geehrter Herr Voigt unserer derzeitig, verherrenden Geo- politischen Landessituation gegenueber? Ueber eine kurze und aufrichtige Antwort waere ich ihnen dankbar. Together with his forensic and legal team, Ernst brought groundbreaking facts to light in cross-examination of key Jewish experts during trials conducted in Toronto, Canada in and A skilled publicist out of necessity , he brought these to Canadian public attention despite special interest media resistance.

Never before and never again. The Truth At Last. And despite the mortal danger as well to every passerby or post-handler in service of the delivery process, the bombers who self-identified as the Jewish Defence League were never prosecuted. He was not to be safe there, either.

When the validity of his visa expired in the USA, and despite being long married to an American citizen, within hours he was arrested via this trivial administrative pretext and deported to Canada on February 19, Under a new legislation later disqualified, he was deported to a German prison in This sly later found illegitimate extradition of the civil-opinioned publisher was accomplished quietly with a private plane and seven officials. Following the screening of this video, Alfred Schaefer emphasized why this film was so important to him.

How many people in history have this opportunity? Eight years later the memory remains strong. Nothing will change my mind. I used to be a critic. That is what happens in dreadful consequence of these debate-hate laws and their malicious punishments. Healthy skeptics are dragged towards sickening cynicism, literally into the cesspit of incarceration with the lowest of brutal criminals.

In total seven years to the day shut away yet never after a whining word. And, as of this week, at least we no longer have to worry about the latter, which is, indeed, a legitimate cause for joy, despite the admonitions of the book of Proverbs. Knowing Ernst aged 78 , as I and many did and many more shall do , one can be confident that had the death of Zuroff been announced during his lifetime, Ernst would not have spoken spitefully of his Judaic anti-gentile enemy.

Ernst had served prison sentences in solitary confinement in the Toronto Detention Centre where I first visited him, then attended his habeas corpus trial, where his lawyer was not permitted to know who brought the case—a secret trial! He then was extradited to Mannheim prison Germany where I attended in order to archive those transcript-less trials for Telling Films.

There he served a further five years merely for publishing benign historical opinions. Equally baffling is the action taken against Ernst, the political prisoner of conscience, to keep him separated from his toothbrush on a stool outside his solitary confinement cell in case this proven lifelong pacifist tried to deploy it as a weapon.

Also preparing myself for the wrath of a certain group of chosen people. No matter how much wrath they have, and no matter what they do, no matter how hard they try, they can NEVER transform their fictions into facts. And they will never extinguish the Light of Truth. At the beginning of the court session, again the urgency had been emphasized by the leading judge that the verdict was scheduled for pronouncement on Friday, August 17th, because of the upcoming vacation recess. The attorneys asked for a revision of the translation. Alfred commented on the translation that the truth must be said.

This part describes the gratuitous post-war crimes committed by the American Allies against German guards at Dachau prison in , German guards who had only been detached to Dachau shortly before the Americans arrived. These Germans surrendered their weapons and were rounded up by the Americans, placed against a wall, and shot immediately. Such treatment of POWs is a war crime that has never been punished.

Furthermore, the conditions in the concentration camps at Nordhausen and Bergen-Belsen were described, following the bombing and invasion by the Allies. Nordhausen camp was aerial bombed by the Americans on April 3, Trains in which prisoners were sitting were machine-gunned. In the camp itself, there were 4, sick people who were shot at with air cannons. The British Allies previously had blown up the water supply to the camp.

A Jewish eyewitness reported that only due to the Allied air raids and the incendiary bombs had the camp become a hell-hole. Then, after taking the camp with ground troops, this hell the Allies had created they then filmed and cynically presented, as evidence of German atrocities, at the Nuremberg Trials. In English, the word denial does not imply lying. They believe it is the truth that is being denied and they seek to tell it.

Having installed exceptionalism in law, this opposes the natural means of investigation to establish the facts with a stumbling block of pre-biased legislation. My fellow educationalist Richard Edmonds provides me with a summary of the article written by the Spiegel magazine editor, Fritjof Meyer, and published in the semi-official German government periodical Osteuropa in May From the very beginning this claim was not accepted; but in Eastern Europe at the time of communist regimes it became a dogma and was enforced by law.

Meyer further cites the research of British historian Rupert Butler revealed in his book, Legions of Death, published by Hamlyn Books of London in Not every citizen agrees with war declarations by their state or federation leaders. Alas, that is how it is for all citizens who are thus rendered by their own leaders as enemy agents—this is a universally accepted matter of fact. Fritjof Meyer published his sensational theses on Auschwitz in the journal Osteuropa. It is at least as revolutionary, by some opinions, and even more fundamental than the revelations of Meyer.

He is also an advisor to Hungarian President Viktor Orban. The article is so revolutionary that some cannot think it is possible to publish this contribution without massive support in the background. Apparently, all contributions are first submitted in English and then translated into German. The article would appear to be a clear sign that the opposition to debate-denial is becoming stronger and stronger, as the Schaefers seem to think.

Western Europe is shaped by the hegemony of a quasi-fundamentalist liberalism, which a supra-state elite enforces with the help of a deterministic concept of history and the so-called human rights. This leads to tensions with the states of Central Europe. The societies of this region have experienced a different history, a history of oppression and forced modernization. This trauma is repeated; again the hope for a resurrection of the free nation has not been met; again democratically elected governments must defend against externally imposed changes. These videos provided by the Schaefers demonstrate that Alfred and Monika Schaefer did not start their educational-intending work careless of any consequences, on the contrary, and so any accusations of malice must be judged unfounded.

Their videos and their socially conscientious conduct demonstrate they act out of deepest concern right or wrong, but never knowingly wrong. These are personal experiences, both lightweight and serious, among many one might make for open debate and rational argument. It remains to be seen if the judges will allow this video to be shown on the upcoming court days.

Beitrag zu dieser Diskussion schreiben

Alfred added that his present time in prison is very instructive for him, because he is learning there that many young people already know about the true situation, especially those coming from war-torn lands with firsthand experience. The Schaefer legal representatives requested that allegations number 1, 5 and 8 against Alfred Schaefer and allegations number 8 and 9 against Monika Schaefer be set aside.

The trial continues on Thursday, August 16, at 9: DAY 11 — Thursday, August 16th, Police assigned to court gallery, judge forbids memo-making. Today was scheduled for the final pleas before the verdict was due to be pronounced the following day. This month of August, press headlines announce: Debate raging in Germany over video game displaying swastikas. See the bronze age spear in the right column.

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The Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body USK , which is responsible for issuing age ratings for video games, promised to ensure that the softening of the ban would not promote Nazism: This can be learnt on the broad and byways, transports and cafes in Munich—and can be experienced where raising these topics in any tone or mode can undermine family harmony.

An example has arisen during the Schaefer trial. Bewildering, to see its echo in our rather more secular day presumed to be less superstitiously gullible, though naturally as vulnerable. By consensual definition, sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In fact, according to the statutes of the UN, there exists no peace treaty between Canada and Germany!

The unconditional surrender had legal effects exclusively on the military. The surrender deed signed then did not mean that the German people, by means of legitimized representatives, no longer exists as a state. That is the position of this unconditional surrender and not another. This has been and is a deception!

Debate-denial laws inevitably came into existence to prosecute against speaking in public about politically incorrect taboo topics. Subsequently in the session arose a discussion of criminal norms in Germany. The judge was of the opinion that the lawyer could do the explaining to the two defendants during the lunch break. Attorney Nahrath refused, saying he was also entitled to a break. The video covers many events in recent history. This would be detrimental in general and intentional since this would make it impossible for white ethnicities to maintain their apparent superiority given this proof: The current mass migration of other races shows their choice of abode is in white nations, which have created societal benefits and infrastructural leadership abilities evaluated by them more highly above their own.

When the court resumed in the afternoon, one could only surmise the reasoning behind the next surreality during its conduct. At the order of the leading judge, observers in the public gallery are no longer allowed to take notes! Only journalists were to be allowed to write during the proceedings. Policemen were assigned to keep the citizens in the public gallery under surveillance so that this new instruction was obeyed.

By now, this is trial Day 11, so what has prompted this sudden prohibition of personal memo note-making? The chief detective gave a detailed list of what items had been found there, how the apartment was constructed, who had been there and how they had merged two apartments into one. Subsequently, an IT and video expert presented an opinion on the videos shown, rated these videos as not amateur, but as professional. The obvious alternative of simply taking away both his current plus an outdated passport and placing upon him an electric tag did not occur or presumably suffice, though as yet Alfred has never been sentenced for any crime.

Both siblings remain behind bars though not sentenced. Readers might expect that Alfred and Monika could seek protection from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, adopted by the United Nations in and supposedly in force since , protecting basic human rights such as freedom of expression. Article 19 of this Covenant states,. The third paragraph of Article 19 then qualifies. The Professor received no reply.

However, his query was taken up by Dr. It deals rather briefly with legislation that has been adopted in many countries dealing with denial of historical events like the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide. Paragraph 49 of the General Comments says: The General Comment also considers blasphemy legislation. At paragraph 48, it says: Article 20 2 of the Covenant states: This means that one can show disrespect for a religion or other belief system as long as it does not constitute incitement to discrimination or hostility.

Attorneys in Germany say they have been working with that comment for several years. The courts are ignoring it in Germany saying that this comment is not binding on them. Ex-Constitutional Court judges have said. If it truly is not binding, then does one conclude the UN Human Rights Committee in reality has no power?

The possible alternative date proposed for the pronouncement of the judgment is September 14, , in the event that tomorrow at 9: DAY 12 — Friday, August 17th, On Day One the microphones were not permitted to be switched on, until Monika pointed out that it was not a public trial if the public were deliberately being obstructed from hearing it.

Next, in subsequent sessions, court trainees were asked to leave the room when the video translations into German were being heard. And now—perhaps because there was a sizable attendance of some 30 public persons taking an interest—came the ultimate contrariwise: The judge announced no one but journalists were to be allowed note taking. Police were then stationed in the public gallery to supervise and denounce anyone caught writing anything down! The trial may as well be a closed secret trial. Both defence and defendant were even denied all knowledge of how many witnesses spoke out against him, and what proofs were provided.

No details at all. I witnessed that habeas corpus trial. Once the audience in the courtroom had taken their places, Sylvia Stolz scientist of law , approached to ask the judge for the legal basis of his order given the day before prohibiting note-making. The judge answered that he had decided this ban. He was quoting from another criminal trial at another Landgericht. If the judge did not allow listeners to take notes, the attorney would like to make a request for this right to be duly restored and exercised by all listeners.

The court then withdrew for consultation and deliberated for three-quarters of an hour before the announcement that the audience was allowed to take notes but not to write up any notes! That meant that the audience is allowed to write down notes but not a make a complete report, just short summaries of any point. The session proceeded with the detective chief commissioner again being asked to the witness stand. This question the detective chief commissioner could not answer and referred instead to the colleague responsible for this.

One of the attorneys, therefore, made the request to question the aforementioned colleague, since a video blocked in Germany could not be made punishable in Germany. The court once again withdrew for advice and then announced that the colleague was on sick leave for a long time and might not be returning to the service for the performance of his duties and therefore would not be available as a witness. The attorney replied that if the colleague was on sick leave for the performance of his duties, this did not mean that he could not be summoned as a witness in court.

Whether it should be illegal for monopolistic tech companies to decide what people are allowed to say—or even condition them to fear allowing oneself to think i. This is the reason, Alfred explains, why magazines such as Blick nach rechts Look to the Right present his thought processes as confused conspiracy theories. After all, how can a complete picture be made out of the actual predicament if requests for evidence are to be dispensed with. He has, for instance,. Noel Ignatiev, a Jewish professor from Harvard University, quoted in his studies.

  • Der Tag im Überblick.
  • Schlosser, Julius: Die Kunstliteratur. Ein Handbuch zur Quellenkunde der Neueren Kunstgeschichte.
  • Federal Register, Volume 63 Issue 74 (Friday, April 17, )?
  • La Rumeur des Comores (FICTION) (French Edition).
  • They are learning that we are all about peace. Yesterday we got to watch two of those: So you see, everyone is receiving a wonderful education. The judge wanted to be finished by then, but that will not likely be possible. She sits behind bars for speaking her mind, just for making use of the basic right of free speech. After further submissions of new evidence, the leading judge concluded that apparently the attorneys were not in such a hurry as the court to conclude the trial, so he declared the hearing over and announced the following session dates: September 14, 21 and 26, Lectures on the Holocaust.

    Here is the new standard work of Holocaust revisionism! It was written by German scholar, writer, and publisher Germar Rudolf, based on the research of the most prominent revisionists, most of which Rudolf had the pleasure to publish in a multitude of German and English language journal articles and books. The book was written to fit the need of both those who have no in-depth knowledge of the Holocaust or of revisionism, as well as for well-versed readers familiar with revisionism.

    Anyone who wants to bring himself up to date on revisionist scholarship, but does not want to read all the special studies that were published during the past ten years, needs this book! It is a dialogue between the lecturer and the reactions of the audience. Rudolf introduces the most important arguments and counter arguments of Holocaust revisionism. The audience reacts with supportive, skeptical, and also hostile questions.

    The Lectures read like an exciting real-life exchange between persons of various points of view. The usual moral, political, and pseudo-scientific arguments against revisionism are addressed and refuted. This book resembles an entertaining collection of answers to frequently asked questions on the Holocaust. With generous references to a vast bibliography, this easy-to-understand book is the best introduction into this taboo topic for both readers unfamiliar with the topic and for those wanting to know more.

    Click here to read more about Lectures on the Holocaust , review the table of contents, read a sample, and order online from The Barnes Review. The Holocaust Hoax Exposed. Holocaust research is a dangerous business. Today, if a book similar to this one were published in Europe, its author would be arrested and imprisoned.

    Indeed, researchers have endured solitary confinement, brutal beatings by assailants, ongoing harassment, lengthy court battles, career suicide and media attacks directed against them—all because they presented a Revisionist history of this pivotal event. Other Revisionist writers have been the victims of hate crimes, extensive smear campaigns, fines and death threats. The perpetrators behind these police state tactics are part of an entire holocaust industry devoted to suppressing factual data in favor of peddling heavy-handed doses of error-laden propaganda. The holocaust industry has become a tyrannical dictatorship that incessantly manipulates, distorts, marginalizes and manufactures false conclusions to prop up their sinking ship.

    By taking their hysterical obsessions to psychopathic levels, the charlatans behind this ruse make it glaringly apparent how weak the foundation of their argument is. Click here to read more about the book and order online: Not yet a subscriber? There is much proof that the Germans developed different type of flying saucers, including time witnesses and engineers who developed parts of them that still lived decades after the war.

    The most advanced technology of these saucers, the Americans never got their hands on though they stole everything else. The top saucer technology was taken out of Germany to remote locations somewhere in the world. In the same state is the Army Air Base of Roswell, seat of the th bomber squadron after the war the only one which was already equipped with nuclear weapons.

    He called the air force base that had the area cordoned off. The military denied it, said it had been a weather balloon. Therefore, an alternative discussion outside the given thinking scheme was almost impossible. And that was exactly the goal. A double tall tale that was to completely disguise the true origin of the object and the actual processes — and according to what we know today, this method also worked wonderfully. By the way, there was no mention of any corpses at that time. Not even hyenas were interested in the bodies.

    It is very nice that one does not want to withhold a Christian funeral from aliens — very multicultural thought. But small coffins had to attract attention, and that was the intend. Here clearly a wrong track was laid. But most UFO fanatics, obviously, find it very difficult to use their brains at least occasionally.

    They were even put into space suits, possibly their fur was even shorn off. There were even photos of them, reports of people who said they had contact with them, farmers, fishermen and an Italian air force sergeant. And that was something that worried the officers at SHAPE headquarters even more than the realization that aliens visit Earth. The officers had every reason to be worried. The Roswell farmer had also taken various material from the crash site, which was then immediately taken from him.

    It was an unbreakable foil that smoothed perfectly after being beaten with a hammer. Proof of extraterrestrial material? Not at all — as Mr. Vallee notes, in the s there was definitely such a material: An ideal covering material to build lightweight aircraft models. They also found poles that looked like they were made of Balsa wood; and they were also very light, but they were not made of wood at all.

    They were very hard and yet flexible and non-combustible. Ideal components for the structure of a lightweight plane. Such plastics are familiar to us today, but in the uninitiated were astonished. Incidentally, the lightweight design points to a test unit with conventional drive. There is every reason to believe that one of the experimental models tested at the Air Force Base came down in Roswell. This also fits into the time schedule: In my opinion, all you have to do is put the pieces of the puzzle together, and the puzzle is relatively easy to solve if you keep your feet on the ground:.

    The Southwest of the USA, that is New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, is so sparsely populated that it is ideally suited for all kinds of secret experiments, be it nuclear, rocket or flying disk technology. After they had begun to sift through the vast amounts of material that they had simply stolen from the German people, a hectic experimental activity began. Arnold, however, had seen real flying objects that were neither British-Canadian nor US-American and the press jumped at it.

    Embarrassing, because the topic was actually taboo. A week later an unmanned US experimental model crashes and remains missing for four days. I have to pay tribute to this wicked game, because the nonsense has succeeded since People love adventure stories — what do they say in Hollywood? Better a thrilling fairy tale than a frightening reality! They had enough time and German technicians to develop them in the meantime.

    There are remote-controlled drones that can fly extremely quietly into a conference room see above , there were projects like the famous AVRO disk that never took off higher than 1. Direction changes, which should tear any material, speeds up to over The leap from a jet fighter to a real flying saucer is only comparable to that of an old muzzle-loader to an intercontinental missile with multiple warheads to illustrate the danger as a potential weapon.

    That one is, therefore, inclined to believe in fairy tales or extraterrestrials is all too understandable. Ausgerechnet hier fiel am 2. Der Bauer brachte am 6. Und genau das war das Ziel. Aber kleine Sarge mussten ja auffallen, was sie wohl auch sollten.

    Hier wurde eindeutig eine falsche Spur gelegt. Von denen gab es sogar Fotos, Berichte von Menschen, die mit ihnen Kontakt gehabt haben wollten, Bauern, Fischer und ein italienischer Luftwaffensergeant. Die Offiziere hatten durchaus Grund, beunruhigt zu sein. Der Roswell-Farmer hatte von der Absturzstelle auch diverses Material mitgenommen, das man ihm dann gleich wieder wegnahm.

    Keineswegs — wie Vallee bemerkt, gab es in den 40er Jahren durchaus einen solchen Stoff: Ein idealer Bespannstoff also, um Leichtbau-Flugmodelle zu bauen. Sie waren sehr hart und doch biegsam und nicht brennbar. Das passt auch ins Zeitschema: Nachdem man angefangen hatte, die Unmengen von Material, die man dem deutschen Volk einfach gestohlen hat, zu sichten, setzte eine hektische Versuchstaetigkeit ein.

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    Peinlich, denn das Thema war eigentlich tabu. Ich will nicht etwa behaupten, die Amerikaner oder die Briten oder die Russen hatten keine funktionierenden Flugscheiben. Sie hatten genug Zeit und deutsche Techniker, um sie inzwischen zu entwickeln. September by reinheu The long overdue protests in Chemnitz against the murdering and raping foreign scum introduced by the FRG regime became at the same time an event against the Merkel mob. It is no longer a secret that the alleged hunts against foreigners and the Hitler salute were degenerated lies by agents provocateurs of the Merkel mob and spread by the hideous FRG deception press.

    Apart from the few domestic media that remained German who is persecuted by the system, only foreign media point to swine journalism of the FRG. And yet, the Merkel mob defends its lies with teeth and claws and continues to lie even when the lie has long been exposed. One must distance oneself from them.

    Let us take a look at the actual people who incite agitation in Chemnitz, those who have betrayed their people, their country, the truth and have lost all decency because of their pathological German hatred or out of blindness or simply for the sake of mammon. If one looks at the language that these evil types have spewed out in Chemnitz, and already before, and when one sees that tens of thousands of dumb-asses cheered them on, then one recognizes how sick and rotten a part of our people already is. Here is a taste of it:. Not everything you put in at the top comes out at the bottom.

    The freak from the Youth Welfare Office will catch a bullet. Some examples of that are highly revealing. There is the case of a simple but career-conscious pop singer named Helene Fischer, who knows that you can earn a lot of money with shallow and undemanding singing. The young lady, however, had to experience that the left-wing riffraff does not accept any other opinion and that everyone has to serve them.

    Let us help them. One sentence before a concert would be enough.

    Reviews Spr - New Books in German

    People would listen to her. An extraordinarily important task in the plan to shoot Germany and finally abolish it falls to Soccer. The events in Chemnitz offered the opportunity to do so. One of the main players, Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper and captain of the colorful national team, makes himself available. When asked where he stood in action against the right meaning the fecal matter-the screamer in Chemnitz, he gave an exemplary answer:. Even a healthy integration? By the way, the penance ceremony documented in the photo was ordered by Dieter Graumann, then President of the Jewish Central Council.

    The ship of fools, as Barde Reinhard May aptly sings about it, is going full speed ahead. By the way, this chatterer is the same person who killed a disabled wheelchair user in a pedestrian zone! And the general director, Dr. Why the 9th Symphony in particular? For the same reason, why the deceivers made it the European anthem! In the first verse it says, among other things: Whether the interpreters of Beethoven and Schiller knowingly misuse our immortal masters for their low ideology or have not understood them at all is irrelevant.

    Their work of digging through the Chemnitz case is symptomatic of the lie press. That can hardly be assumed, because induced madness irreparably eliminates logical thinking. Did the chief agitator apologize? Let us review the events in Chemnitz: Patriots have always been hunted down and threatened with loss of life and limb by the criminal Antifa financed by the FRG system. In short, whatever foreign criminals do to Germans is glossed over, played down and lied over in the Chancellery, in the party offices and in the editorial offices.

    But woe be if for the victims — and these are all Germans except the recently slaughtered — people protest angrily but peacefully, as in Chemnitz! Anti-German racism in its purest form! This verse by Schiller is, unfortunately, also suppressed:. Das hat Herr Seibert [ihr Papagei im Kanzleramt d.

    Sogar eine gesunde Integration? Und der Generalintendant Dr.

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    • Warum gerade die 9. Kaum anzunehmen, denn induziertes Irresein schaltet logisches Denken irreparabel aus. Entschuldigte sich der Chefhetzer? Lassen wir die Geschehnisse in Chemnitz Revue passieren: Antideutscher Rassismus in Reinkultur. Die BRD eine Bananenrepublik?

      Nein, es ist die Ochlokratie des deutschhassenden Merkel-Mobs. Coudenhove-Kalergi, Leipzig , S. In patriotic and Truther circles, the Bilderberg are usually called the secret world government, but this is not entirely correct, for in their background there is a completely different, essentially more powerful group that pulls the strings unrecognized from the highest position in world politics — dark figures with black coats and large black hats. It should be noted about these people that although they are among the most unscrupulous strategists and executors of the Jewish-Masonic establishment, they do not constitute its top leadership.

      The Rothschilds and their Lubavitschers are the spiritual elite of Judaism and for a long time have been the true rulers on earth. They form the core of the Illuminati, i. The dark figures of the Lubavitchers have unlimited sums of money at their disposal, they have direct access at will to almost all royal houses and governments worldwide including the Russian government! They have thousands of liaison emissaries and institutions schools, seminars, day camps and other internal facilities of their organization in over a hundred countries of the world including Russia and Germany!

      Shortly before his death, Chief Rabbi Schneerson gave a public instruction to his followers to understand: The Teutons are the sons of Abel. The Jews are identity thieves] has to lead at the end of time: As black as Raven is the fate intended for Muslim peoples. For a long time it was a puzzle who the successor of Chief rabbi Schneerson was, but since autumn the name and address of this person are known in insider circles. Why not send some nice little letters to this Master string puller from the realm of darkness. James de Rothschild and Rabbi Chajim Jehuda Krinsky are the most powerful grey man duo in the world today.

      They form the head of the KRAKE and are the top secret string pullers behind the scenes of world politics, where all the threads of Western secret services and secret societies converge. We would like to expressly point out once again that the Rothschilds and their Lubavitschers are ice-cold and hard-boiled, working solely to bring about the fulfillment of old Jewish prophecies in this day and age!

      A crucial and deciding question for the further development of world politics is how great the influence of Lubavich and Freemasonry is on the Russian leadership and especially on Vladimir Putin today. A higher, holistic-spiritual philosophical view does not see the phenomena and processes of life through the dualistic glasses, but grasps them in a triple way, in a dialectical sense.

      Mike Walsh [ mailto: I took the decision to sell independent of Scamazon after the book giant pulled two of our books. With backing from investors and gifters I have set-up up our own publishing house. We also have two blockbusters up our sleeves and details will follow. We are publishers, you are our news distributors. Because otherwise it makes little sense not to make peace with Germany!.. I have written about this before, but I want to condense it one more time for clarity. I am going to write in a form as if all I am writing were facts, though only some are said to be, to make the linguistics easier.

      They are only assumptions by others and by me. For this reason alone the German R eich has not perished. If you already know some of my blogs about UFOs, believe that the UFOs flying around up there are manned by Germans separated from the Third Reich in actually their descendants , then you are already one step further to consider that my proposed connections are possible. There are also 2 well-known German historical researchers who say the Germans live on the Mars and the Moon.

      I have not researched into it. I think Germany is more and more hated by politicians because this Third Power exists and is far superior in the skies than the All-lies. This powerlessness makes the Americans very angry. Otherwise it makes less sense not to make peace with Germany! So far the Third Power is unbeatable. Compare this to all the other Axis powers; they all have received it shortly after the end of the war! I was quite surprised when U.

      Gut geschrieben und klar disponiert, bietet es, wenigstens dem Historiker, nicht allzuviel. Peter, wenigstens im Bilde der althergebrachten Allegorien wirklich getan hat.

      Und hier kommen wir auf die eigentliche Triebfeder dieser Bestrebungen. Der Vergleich wird schon bei Filarete B. Auch die Hypnerotomachia streift das Thema. Behn nachsehen; viel ist es gerade nicht. In der Tat hat J. Proportionen des Menschen, Anatomie des Pferdes, vier Anatomietraktate. Lomazzo gibt einen Auszug des Paragone. Der Name Melzis erscheint dreimal darin; an ihn als Bearbeiter ist aber doch kaum zu denken Jordan, — , obwohl es neuerlich wieder versucht worden ist.

      Aufgebaut ist die Arbeit durchaus auf Leonardos Originalschriften selbst; sie erscheinen am Schlusse mit ihren alten Siglen verzeichnet. Von Fehlern ist diese Bearbeitung freilich nicht frei; aber der ungemeine Reichtum des Inhalts Kapitel! Trotz dieses augenscheinlichen lebhaften Anteils ist im Jahrhundert noch keine Drucklegung zustande gekommen. Orsini besorgte von Perugia , auch noch die in den Classici Italiani, Mailand , von Amoretti besorgt, mit bemerkenswerten Memorie storiche sulla vita, gli studj e le opere di L. Gerli , Disegni di L. Gerli, riprodotti con note illustrative da G.

      Vallardi con 61 tavole in rame, Mailand in Fol. Mariette , Recueil de testes de caractere et charges, Paris Dann die Tabula anatomica e bibl. Paris in Fol. Eine neuere ist die von Ganet de St. Germain , Genf Brown , London Daher auch die durchgehende, wenig erquickliche und ziemlich unfruchtbare Polemik gegen die Kunstforscher, namentlich seinen Antipoden J. Leonardos Malerbuch, neues Material dem Cod.

      Die historische Schulung, die er aus Th. Der architektonische Teil ist von H. Codice sul volo degli uccelli e varie altre materie, Paris I manoscritti di Lionardo da Vinci della R. Neuerdings sind die anatomischen Studien Leonardos auf der Bibliothek in Windsor an einem sehr entlegenen Verlagsort herausgekommen: Vangenstein, Fonahn, Hopstock , Quaderni d' anatomia. Vorausgegangen war die Edition des Codice di L.

      I disegni di L. Carlevaris , Turin Frammenti letterari e filosofici trascelti dal Dr. Leonardo da Vinci, der Denker, Forscher und Poet, in 2. Ferner Peladan , Textes choisis de L. Curdy , The note books of L. Rendered into English with introduction. Den Versuch einer Leonardobibliographie hat E. Solmi in seiner Darstellung: Dieses sowie das zuletzt erschienene XI. Dozio , Degli scritti e disegni di L. Le Memorie su L. Mazzenta ripubblicate ed illustrate, Mailand Richter , Bibliographie der Handschriften L.

      Favaro , Gli scritti inediti di page L. Cermenati , Bergamo , S. Dorez , Un manuscrit precieux de L. Motta , Un ms. Marinis , Un ms. Madrid, verschollen , ebenda Cermenati , Un codice di L. Ein besonderes Thema behandelt: De Toni , L. Sappa , Una fonte di L. Comolli , Bibliografia stor. V , f. Auch besonders Leipzig Kunstsammlungen VII besonders nach der mathematischnaturwissenschaftlichen Seite hin gut orientierend. Einen Auszug aus L. Instituts in Florenz Beltramis , Il trattato della pittura di L. Vinciana XI, 10 f.

      Mancini , Di un codice artistico e scientifico con alcuni ricordi autobiografici di L. Porro , Lionardo, libro di memorie, Arch. Calvi , Il manoscritto H. Solmi , La festa del Paradiso di L. Del Lungo , L. Richter , Lionardo-Studien, Zeitschr. Society, London , vol. Uzzielli , Ricerche intorno a L. Modigliani , Psicologia Vinciana, Mail. Bossi , Delle opinioni di L. Favaro , Il canone di L.

      Curs roman german nivel conversatie curs verbe audio litera M

      Veneto di scienze, lettere ed arti. Solmi , Studi sulla filosofia naturale di L. Cook , The curves of life Theorien , Bulletin Italien Bordeaux , V, Abhandlungen der Memorie della R. Neuestens zusammenfassend von Feldhaus , L. Antonio della Torre und L. Lanzilotti-Buonsanti , Il pensiero anatomico di L. Bottazzi , Un esperimento di L. Solmi, Per gli studi anatomici di L. Jahrhundert und weiter wahrhaft klassische Stilmuster aufweist. In den Anthologien von Solmi oder von M. Es ist wie ein tiefes Atemholen in einer durch Gewitter gereinigten Luft.

      Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien, Phil. Das musikalische Gebiet wird auch weiterhin noch oft in Leonardos Theorie gestreift. Am schlechtesten kommt die Kunst weg, die doch die eigentliche Zwillingsschwester der Malerei ist und in der Leonardo sich selbst episodisch versucht hat, die Skulptur 42 f.

      Und darum spricht er sich auch gegen den Gebrauch roher Hilfsmittel, der Camera optica , des Visierens durch die Glastafel oder des Albertischen Netzes aus. Alle seine Vorschriften gehen aus dieser Forderung hervor und haben sie zum Ziel. Nur schlechte Lehrbuben, sagt er, malen ohne Schatten Leonardo parallelisiert sie in scholastischer Weise mit den vier Elementen. Der Zusammenhang mit der gelehrten Arbeit des Mittelalters ist hier noch ebenso vorhanden wie am Anfang des Jahrhunderts bei Ghiberti.

      Die Sache ist von Bedeutung, weil Leonardo an anderer Stelle 25, dazu 32 u. Das solchen Spekulationen zugrundeliegende Bestreben ist leicht zu erkennen: Naumann in der Zeitschr. Il pittore pinge se stesso. Im Traktat besonders f. So hat er sich Kenntnisse und Folgerungen zu eigen gemacht, vor denen sich noch die moderne Wissenschaft in Ehrfurcht neigt; ich verweise auf die treffliche Orientierung in M. Herzfelds gediegener Einleitung zu ihrer Leonardo-Anthologie. Auch da scheint ihm die horazische aurea mediocritas das erstrebenswerte Ziel.

      Alberti, dem er doch manches entlehnt. So tadelt er z. Auch in dieser Beziehung steht er einzig und bedeutend da. Erst das Florentiner Cinquecento lenkt wieder auf den von Ghiberti gebahnten Pfad ein. Das erste Werk dieser Art ist der sog. Es ist das der sog. Anonimo Magliabecchiano auch Gaddiano , so genannt nach dem Standorte seines Elaborats. Auch sonst hat die Arbeitstechnik des Anonymus viel Verwandtes mit der seinen, ist synkretistisch und pragmatisierend, auch die Terminologie verdient Beachtung. Michiel, wie sich noch ergeben wird, bestimmend gewirkt hat: Das bezeugen Randbemerkungen, wie meglio dire oder die besonders bezeichnende in der Vita des Buffalmacco: Zum erstenmal seit Ghiberti ist wieder eine Darstellung des gesamten Kunstverlaufes von der Antike her beabsichtigt und versucht worden.

      Aber sein eigenes Eigentum ist der Versuch einer Periodisierung und Gruppierung der alten Kunstgeschichte, alles freilich rein auf literarischem Wege gewonnen und ohne nennenswerte Kenntnis der Monumente, wenn auch gelegentlich eigene Nachrichten, wie z. Es ist dies jedoch eine Spur, die sich sofort verliert und nicht weiter verfolgt werden kann.

      Jahrhunderts nach Vasari entlarvt worden page ist. Trotz aller Einseitigkeit und Mangelhaftigkeit verraten aber auch die Viten Gellis den scharfen Verstand und den Mutterwitz ihres Autors, wie sie aus seinen sonstigen Schriften sattsam bekannt sind. Michelangelo erscheint auch schon als der Gipfelpunkt aller Kunst; seine Werke, die in Nachbildungen durch die ganze Welt verbreitet sind, werden mehr als die Antike nachgeahmt.

      Das geschah eben im Herzen Toskanas, durch Florenz. Mit Cimabue und Giotto page beginnt die Reihe dieser Kulturbringer. Im Leben des Michelozzo bricht das Elaborat unvermittelt ab, weshalb ist nicht festzustellen. Aber Gelli hat eben andere, rein literarische Zwecke. Daremberg et Saglio, s. Nur zwei von seinen Klassen sind indessen zum Druck gelangt, die Elogia virorum doctorum Florenz und die Elogia virorum bellica virtute clarorum ebenda Immerhin ist der Plan seines Werkes vielleicht noch in Umrissen erkennbar.

      Das antike Muster ist unverkennbar. Fabriczy im Archivio storico Italiano, Serie V, vol. Fabriczy , Brunellesco, Stuttgart , S. Strozzianus und dem Cod. XXV, und cl. Konkordanz mit dem Magliabecchianus und beiden Vasari-Ausgaben. Strzygowski glaubte hier Vasaris certi ricordi entdeckt zu haben. Gellis Viten wurden zuerst von Mancini nach einer Hs. Bacci , Manuale della lett. Paolo Giovio , De viris illustribus vor , gedruckt bei Tiraboschi , Storia della letteratura italiana Modeneser Ausgabe von , vol. Doni , im Archivio Stor. Der Brief eines Nachkommen der Familie G.

      Giovio an Tiraboschi von bei Campori , Lettere artistiche Frey in seiner Ausgabe des Magliabecchianus, p. Kallab , Vasaristudien, p. Die eine kennzeichnet sich als an Papst Leo X. Sie ist unter dem Namen des B. III, 42, und bei Eitelberger in den Mitt. Zentralkommission III , Raffael wurde zuerst als Autor namhaft gemacht vom Abate Daniele Francesconi , Congettura che una lettera creduta di B. Hiegegen wandte sich Herm. De incerti auctoris letteris quae Raphaelis Urbinatis ad Leonem X. Burckhardt hielt dagegen an Raffaels Autorschaft fest, vgl.

      Geschichte der Renaissance in Italien, ed. Vogel , Bramante und Raffael Kunstwissenschaftl. Raffael-Briefe an Leo X. Anonymus des Comolli vita inedita di R. Springer , Die Echtheit des Anon. Lotto scoperto in Loreto e degli scolari di lui nella nostra marca in der N. Rivista Misena VI XVII , Israel civis Bucoliensis in arte sculpendi subtilissimus.

      Jean Lemaire , La couronne margaritique von Posthumer Druck, Lyon Pinchart , Les historiens de la peinture flamande, befindet. Dazu Becker , Schriftquellen z. Malerei 37, wo auch weiteres zu Guiccardini. Der Libellus de laudibus Germaniae et ducum Saxoniae des Chr. Scheurl ist zuerst Bologna , dann Leipzig erschienen. XXXI, die allerdings auf seine literarische Wirksamkeit nur wenig eingeht. Ein Elogium auf L. Cranach in der Zueignung vor Scheurls gedruckter Oratio Dr.

      Scheurl attingens literarum praestantiam. De recta latini graecique sermonis pronuntiatione Basel , ist an der Spitze des Aufsatzes von R. Die erste Ausgabe erfolgte, jedoch nach einer schlechten Hs. Lochner in Eitelbergers Quellenschriften, X, Wien Hirschvogel, Berlin , S. Reise in der Zeitschr. Kunst, und die Besprechung in Beckers Schriftquellen z. Von dem seltenen Blockbuch, das nur in wenigen Exemplaren bekannt ist vgl.

      Im Kreise des Humanismus war ferner schon im Tyfernus, im Vorbeigehen genannt sein. Jahrhundert hinzugekommene Teil, verschiedentlich in den einzelnen Ausgaben vermehrt, derselbe geblieben. Jahrhundert das Buch des unter Eugen IV. Seit Ghiberti war die Inventarisierung vornehmlich des heimischen Kunstbesitzes nicht mehr ins Stocken geraten, unter dem Gesichtspunkt des biographischen Anteils, der diesen durchaus individualistisch gestimmten Zeitraum beherrschte.

      Lorenzo war und um in Rom gestorben ist. Aus welchen Kreisen es hervorgegangen ist, erweist die Vorrede, an einen Jugendfreund des Verfassers, den Bildhauer Baccio di Montelupo, gerichtet, dessen Anregung es auch seinen Ursprung page verdankt. Es ist Julius II. Als Anhang erscheinen auch zwei Elogien: Selbst Sammler, steht er mitten im Kunstleben seiner Zeit: Frankreich und die ihm eng verschwisterten Niederlande behaupten hier durchaus ihren alten Vorrang, wie er schon in den musterhaft angelegten Urkunden dieser Art im Jahrhundert, vor allem den Inventaren des Herzogs von Berry vgl.

      Buch I sich so auffallend offenbart. Die Mirabiliendrucke des Franck ; datiert sind Ausgaben von , , , , , , , , , , , diese drei letzten aus der Silberschen Offizin , zum Teil mit Holzschnitten vgl. Bibliothek in Gotha, mit Einleitung von R. Ehwald , Weimar In deutscher Sprache bei Joh. Besicken, Rom u. Tessier , Una stampa del s. XV in idioma tedesco contenente una guida storica di Roma.

      Di nuovo corretto ed ampliato con le cose notabili fatte da Papa Sisto V. Cicognara ohne Ort und Jahr, Mitte des Las cosas maravillosas de la s. Cabrera , Las iglesias de Roma con todas reliquias etc. Dazu die englischen Mirabilien, ed. Crispo - Moncada , Palermo Benjamin von Tudela liegt u.

      Humboldt gewidmeten englischen Ausgabe von A. Asher , The itinerary of Rabbi B. Berlin , 2 Bde. Nikolaus Muffels Beschreibung von Rom a. Istituto Archeologico germanico; Sez. Flavio Biondos Roma instaurata von , 1. Ausgaben von Fauno mit der Italia illustrata. Venedig , , , , cf. Tyfernus in Neapel vgl. Mommsen in den Monatsberichten der Berliner Akademie Jahrhunderts, Wien , zu vergleichen; auf weiteres einzugehen verbietet sich an dieser Stelle von selbst. Manettis Beschreibung der Bauten Nikolaus' V.

      Kallab , Vasaristudien, Petri, ed Janning in den Acta Sanctorum Boll. Francesco Albertini , Opusculum de mirabilibus novae et veteris urbis Romae. Rom , dann und Neudruck nur die nova Urbs von Schmarsow , Heilbronn mit Einleitung. Sehr selten, ein Exemplar auf der Bibl. Horne , in der Florence Press, Letchworth Kallabs Vasaristudien, f.

      Hier sind noch einmal die Florentiner Diarien von Luca Landucci bis , ed. Corazzini, Florenz , wegen ihrer zahlreichen kunstgeschichtlichen Notizen zu nennen. Ich zitiere einiges nach der A. Kirchen von Florenz, 47 v. Mantua, Privatsammlungen; v. Fichard , Iter Italicum, von III, Frankfurt , S. Erste Ausgabe nach der Hs. Frimmel in Eitelbergers Quellenschriften, N. Italiae IX, 7 , vgl. Ram in den Archival. Institut in Florenz, IV, Berlin Tomeo gibt Vasari ed. Milanesi III, , v.

      Kallab , Vasaristudien, f. Pietrucci , Biografia degli artisti Padovani, Padua , p. Riccios Nachrichten ist nichts weiter bekannt. Die Hinweise auf ein paginiertes Manuskript stehen wiederholt in der Notizia bei den von datierten Materialien aus der Sammlung Grimani ed. XVIII , , z. Sabba di Castiglione , Ricordi, Venedig und Gaye , Carteggio ined. Lombardo, XVI dem Autor gewidmet haben. Dazu Pinchart , Archives des arts, Gent ff. Paris , II, f.

      Becker , Schriftquellen z. Die Florentiner Sammlungen bei E. Es sind Leute, die mit der Feder umzugehen und sich mit dem Humanistenmantel zu drapieren wissen, auch manches wohlgesetzte Zitat all'antica anbringen. Skulptur und Malerei haben denselben Zweck, der von beiden sehr schwer erreicht werde. Skulptur und Malerei verhielten sich wie Sonne und Mond, und wie dieser von jener sein Licht erhalte, so sei es auch hier.

      Es ist das uralte mittelalterliche Gleichnis von Papst- und Kaisertum. Eine eingehend kommentierte Ausgabe unter dem Titel: Lancilotti pittor fiorentino, Trattato di pittura da rarissima stampa con nuova impressione, con prefazione, facsimile e bibliografia Mazocchiana ed annotazioni da F. Die Medaille auf L. Varchi , Due lezioni sopra la pittura e scultura. Erste Ausgabe mit Vorrede , Florenz Angelo Buonarroti in Firenze nella chiesa di S.

      Justi , Michelangelo f. Cardanus, De subtilitate 1. Vasari im Leben des Daniele da Volterra, ed. Avendo monsignor messer Giovanni della Casa Fabrini, Venedig, bei Aldus Paris , p. Zwei Menschenalter nach L. Jahrhundert hinein studiert wurde. Zwei Gelehrte sind die Protagonisten: Gerade dieser ist eine sehr charakteristische Figur. Seine reiche Kunstsammlung ist bei M. Philostrat und Pausanias erscheinen bei ihm, wohl das erste Mal in der Kunstliteratur.

      Ob sie Gauricus Vorgelegen hat? Alberti erfundene velo , als cosa inscepida e di poca construttione. Immerhin habe Tizians Landschaft bewiesen, welcher Zauber ihr innewohne. Giobbe bewundern, mit vollem Rechte hervorgehoben werden. Es ist der Traktat Della nobilissima pittura Ven. Das Chaos und die Erschaffung der Welt. Das Universum, ein aberwitziger Brei neuplatonischer Allegorien. Eine mappa mundi , mythologisch staffiert. Es ist die tollgewordene Scholastik des Mittelalters. Dergleichen Dinge stehen jedoch in dieser Zeit keineswegs vereinzelt da.

      Die allegorischen Schreinerarchitekturen des Dem geistlichen Stande entlaufen, hat er vielerlei versucht, in den Jahren — auch in seiner Heimatstadt eine Druckeroffizin gehalten; nach einem bunten Leben ist er in seinem Altershafen Monselice zur Ruhe eingegangen. Wir sind ihm auf dem Gebiete der Kunstliteratur schon gelegentlich begegnet. Allerdings hat es, wie wir sahen, in seinem Unsprungslande selbst sehr wenig Herausgeber und Leser, desto mehr aber solche jenseits der Alpen gefunden.

      Die Naturwahrheit ihrer Stoffbehandlung wird besonders hervorgehoben. Das nahende Barock hat ja dann die Sache gerade umgekehrt. Leider ist davon nichts auf uns gekommen, obwohl der Brief als Begleitschreiben zu dem Werke, das er den Adressaten durchzusehen bittet, erscheint. Pomponius Gauricus , De sculptura. Brockhaus , Leipzig Paolo Pino , Dialogo di pittura di Messer P. In Venezia per Paulo Gherardo.

      Sanso page vino , Venezia descritta S. Madonna von in S. Hackert , Memorie di Pittori Messinesi, Messina , p. Michelangelo Biondo , Della nobilissima pittura etc. Dann in einer ebenfalls sehr niedlichen Ausgabe: Tutto le opere di M. VII, 4, —; dort auch p. Venedig, bei Giolito, Il Petrarca del Doni, Padua Auch in der Ausgabe von Donis Zucca. Dagegen beweist die Aufnahme der vitruvianischen Proportionslehre in das Malerbuch vom Berge Athos nichts, da die Stelle ganz abgesehen von der jungen Entstehung des Ganzen wohl zweifellos einer italienischen page Vorlage der Renaissance entstammt.

      Cicognara , Catalogo pag. Der Beginn des Caporali , Venedig Der Boden war also nach allen Richtungen hin wohl vorbereitet. Der Baudilettantismus der vornehmen Kreise, der aus dem Marco und der Santo von Padua. Dergleichen unbefangene Wertung ist damals schon eine Seltenheit. Francesco della Vigna in Venedig, abgegeben hat. Die wundersame Mischung des Platonismus der Hochrenaissance mit alten kirchlichen Vorstellungen tritt hier besonders drastisch hervor. Passeri aus Pesaro noch ihren Geschichtschreiber gefunden Istoria delle pitture in majolica fatte in Pesaro e ne'luoghi circonvicini , 1.

      Tiraboschi , Storia della lett, ital. Ganz vortrefflich, obwohl von ganz anderen Gesichtspunkten ausgehend, ist die Zusammenstellung bei Roettinger , Die Holzschnitte